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Advances in Solar Energy Storage

Advances in Solar Energy Storage

Another area of major emphasis for researchers is discovering revolutionary methods to store energy created by solar PV systems. Currently, unused electricity can vanish unless stored immediately. As soon as electricity is created by a solar PV system (or any type of fuel source), the electrical power goes onto the grid and should be used immediately or be at risk of being lost through grid components which are not optimized or designed for returns from external power generation.

Lithium Sulphur Batteries

Lithium sulphur is the next generation of power storage. Many speculate that the charging interval is significantly decreased while capacity and lifespan are five times that of a conventional lithium ion battery. Lithium sulphur batteries have no limitations on the applications they can be used for so it’s likely they will be found in clean energy production for years to come.

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Molten Salt Storage Technology

A business called Novatec Solar lately appointed a revolutionary energy storage medium for solar PV systems utilizing a molten salt storage modern technology. The battery uses altered natural salts to move energy created by solar PV systems into thermal energy, making use of warm transfer liquid as opposed to oils that some storage space systems use.

Integrated Panel Batteries

In a research project by the United States Department of Energy, Ohio State University scientists recently revealed they developed an integrated battery that is 20% more efficient and 25% more affordable than anything in the marketplace today.

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