NABCEP solar training courses

What Are the Advantages of Passing the NABCEP Exam?

In an industry that keeps growing exponentially through continued investment and financing from both private and public funding, making the most of your training is key, The search for quality and recognition will be necessary for the future, those with a NABCEP certification will stand out from the rest. Even a medium-sized solar system which generates around 815 kWh a month, and costs around $10,000 and has a lifetime of up to 30 years, is a major investment for most homeowners.  Give your clients the peace of mind that comes with work that is provided by qualified and trained individuals.  

Job Options

There will be vast job options available for those that complete and maintain their NABCEP certification.  Many who are new to solar PV will be seeking training that provides the best guarantee that a job will follow.  Rest assured that a NABCEP certificate will help you to secure a dream job in solar by separating you from other applicants that may only have a high school education or limited trades experience. Global job opportunities exist and are rapidly growing in everything solar PV and with more certifications, employers will be vying for you. 

On the job performance

Having the theoretical and technical skills to complete a solar PV installation successfully and on time will only create advancement opportunities.  It will also position you to start ahead of other trainees that do not have any background knowledge or hands on experience.  This will lead you to the top of your team rapidly, you will become a respected and essential component to every project, without fail.  

Job Security

Maintaining your certification is key here by updating your training and attending events to quench your thirst for knowledge and technical updates.  Above all, having a NABCEP certification will help to cement your place in the organization and also show your aptitude to learn, brining other certification opportunities your way.  

Higher Remuneration

Solar PV jobs are a great way to get employed with little advanced educational background.  Many of the entry level jobs are near minimum wage however.  A NABCEP certification will assist in your negotiations for higher pay during the interview process and if you are established and requesting a pay raise.   

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