BPI Building Analyst, Envelope & IDL Combo Course

This comprehensive course will rapidly give you the aptitude and knowledge of a successful building performance inspector.  You will learn about gas detection,  blower door, duct blast, building envelope integrity and energy auditing.  Top all of this off with fundamentals of building science to round out your skills as a building performance professional.

Looking for a cost effective combination course to elevate your skills?

How to Get Started?

Online or Blended Delivery is Available
  • 1. Start Our Course - Our online course has short informative, skill-sharing video presentations which you can follow at your own pace on your computer.
  • 2. Take Your Exams - Our training package includes written & field certification exams as the course is compiled by a BPI Test Center.
  • 3. Get a BPI Certification - You can receive your scores for the written and field certification exam by logging into the BPI.org portal.

Perhaps the greatest benefit to taking this course is the cost savings!  Pocket nearly $1550 when you enroll, the savings can be used to assist with expenses for building performance monitoring equipment.

 In this broad learning course, you will learn:

  • Principles of Energy
  • Basics of Heat, Moisture & Airflow
  • Building Structural Elements
  • Types of Insulation
  • Blower Door & Pressure Diagnostics
  • Building Mechanical Elements
  • The Energy Audit Process
  • Basic Construction Math
  • Airflow Principles
  • Blower Door & Pressure Performance Diagnostics
  • System Sealing Verification
  • Duct Testing
  • Duct Tightness Verification
  • Thermodynamic Fundamentals
  • Moisture Infiltration
  • Building Structure Types
  • Thermal & Pressure Boundaries
  • Insulating Methods
  • Pressure Testing
  • Combustion Safety
  • Common Problems & Solutions
  • Building Envelope Chemistry
  • Health & Safety
  • Log In & Participate Any Time 24 Hours/day & 365 Days/year
  • Browser Enabled, Watch from a PC, Mac, or Mobile Device
  • 32.5 Hours of Qualified Online BPI Envelope Training
  • Videos of Field Training Exercises
  • Access to Course Materials & Training for 6 Months
  • Examinations with a Proctor

Our Online Course and Our Blended Course includes:

Blower door & duct blaster operations manual
Monitoring equipment skills training

 Secrets To Success
 Equipment skills training
 Building Science Knowledge Training

  • BPI Building Analyst written exam ($450 value)
  • BPI Building Analyst field exam ($600 value)
  • BPI Envelope written exam ($450 value)
  • BPI Envelope field exam ($600 value)
  • BPI IDL field exam ($600 Value)

When you choose to register for our blended courses you receive our online training videos as well as get the chance to participate in person for our hands-on field training with equipment. You can also take part in our written/field certification exams in person.

After signing up for our course you will have the privilege to watch our online training videos at your own pace and schedule your written/field certification exams accordingly.

Our BPI certification course is in terms with the Building Performance Institute’s (BPI) standards for building analysis, blower door and duct leakage testing.

You can get a larger client base by adding, building analyst, envelope and blower door testing to your skills if you work at a home performance company.  Also, help satisfy the ever increasing demand for energy code compliance testing by earning this nationally recognized certification.

Who is this course designed for?

The course is designed, keeping in mind home inspectors, BPI Building Analysts, BPI Envelope Professionals, Insulation professionals, HVAC technicians, general contractors. The course welcomes anyone interested in building a career in home energy auditing.

Is this course the certification required to do a Blower Door and/or Duct Leakage test?

Definitely but there are sometimes state or local regulations that require additional certifications.

Does the course include exams?

Of course, the blended version of the course includes written as well as field exams once you are done with the course.

The online course, on the other hand, requires you to find a home with BPI standards, get access to the field equipment and then contact us to invigilate your exams on the time that best suits your needs.

What are the requirements?

There are none, you can start your course right away.

The online course, on the other hand, requires you to find a home with BPI standards, get access to the field equipment and then contact us to invigilate your exams on the time that best suits your needs.

How To Begin Online Training?

Once enrolled you can access our secure online learning portal by clicking on our automated mail which will include your unique username and password.

Ecotech Training is a privately owned online training course provider.

Great Experience. I do not hesitate in saying that Ecotech Training Education changed my life. I was unemployed and unhappy last year, and after Ecotech Training Education helped me find a great funding opportunity, I enrolled in their Newark, NJ Building Analyst / Envelope & Shell Professional Combination course. A year later, I am employed and my employer just paid for me to enroll in Ecotech Training Education’s Solar PV Bootcamp course. I can not recommend this company’s training more.

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