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Ecotech Training’s energy auditing school offers the most comprehensive Building Performance Institute (BPI) Certification preparation programs, professional development for energy auditors and custom courses for larger energy efficiency crews. We offer programs that prepare individuals for nationally recognized certifications and fulfill the certification requirements to become BPI Goldstar Contractors.

Whether you need your BPI Building Analyst, Envelope Professional BPI Certification, or want a more advanced credential, our BPI training programs keep you on track for a successful career in home energy performance. After completing one of our multi-day courses, you will be ready to start your energy auditing business as a true professional.

BPI Inspectors

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Is BPI Certification Right for You?

Energy auditors assess a home’s energy efficiency and make recommendations on how to improve it. Acquiring knowledge and skills in building science principles will make you more competitive in an industry that is set to boom.

Ecotech Training offers energy auditing courses that will train and prepare you for the Building Performance Institute’s (BPI) nationally recognized BPI Certification exams.  Once BPI certified many employment options are available given major green building retrofits happening all over North America.

These courses are great for anyone with experience in construction, home inspection or working with HVAC equipment. These courses are also a good complement to solar training, because once the home is efficient, the case for having a solar installation increases dramatically.

How to Become a Professional Energy Auditor

Deciding to become a home energy performance professional is a major move for anyone. One question that consistently comes from people looking to enter the home performance industry: “How do I become an Energy Auditing Professional?”

The answer is that it mostly depends on where an individual wants to perform energy audits. The first thing to know is that in the United States, incentives for homeowners getting energy audits and retrofits differ by state and county. Your state’s energy department website will list the official incentives.

Secondly, becoming an energy auditing professional sometimes requires a specific type of industry certification or energy audit training.

The general requirements to become a certified energy auditor include:

 Be at least 18 years old

 Have access to all necessary personal safety equipment required by OSHA

 Complete any energy auditing education required by clients or state

 Pass the certification examination(s)

BPI Certification Training Courses

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