Solar PV Planning

Does My Roof Need Replacement Before Installing Solar Panels? 

Whether your roof needs to be replaced will depend on its age and condition. You can check for signs without climbing a ladder, including leaks in the attic and walls, mildew, and dark, “dirty” spots on the roof. If you’re nearing the point of replacement, you should get this work done before installing solar panels. […]

How to Find a Solar Installer

Installing Solar PV is an Important Financial Decision Always get three quotes from state licensed contractors and completely review all documentation before signing a contract. We recommend using EnergyPal or Energysage to find solar installers in your area. Gather quotes using EnergyPal and get $500 **Get $50 from Energysage click here** What Should I look […]

How to choose the right solar panel for your home

The average residential electricity price rises every year, with studies predicting that the cost per kilowatt-hour will increase by 2.8% this year. This is because of several factors, from market inflation to the increasing demand for electricity across the country. Fortunately, there is a way to keep your electricity bills low—and that is to have solar panels […]

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