Increase in Solar Jobs

Increase in Solar Jobs Solar and clean energy is expected to grow rapidly as a government change is inevitable in the USA. This will not only impact the US-Statewide but also globally as the increase in demand will inevitably pull resources from other nations including skilled solar trades (and other clean energy jobs) and solar […]

Advances in Solar Energy Storage

Advances in Solar Energy Storage Another area of major emphasis for researchers is discovering revolutionary methods to store energy created by solar PV systems. Currently, unused electricity can vanish unless stored immediately. As soon as electricity is created by a solar PV system (or any type of fuel source), the electrical power goes onto the […]

Solar Incentives Available to Homeowners

Investment Tax Obligation Credit for Solar Many federal governments supply a solar tax credit, which is known as the financial investment tax obligation credit score (ITC) in the United States.This loophole permits homeowners to subtract a portion of their solar purchase, installation and maintenance expenses from their tax obligations. Both homeowners and businesses with documentation […]

When are Photovoltaic Panels Recycled?

When are photovoltaic panels recycled? Rarely. With an average lifespan of about 30 years, crystalline silicon solar panels are reliable. Nevertheless, given the quick expansion of the solar sector, the number of photovoltaic panels needing to be recycled or thrown away in the coming years will certainly continue to rise. More and more panels will […]

Solar Energy is the Future

Is Solar getting better? To outmatch existing solar cells, a new style would need to capture extra light, convert light energy to electrical energy at a higher rate of efficiency, and/or be cheaper to construct than current designs. Will solar panels be cheaper in the future? Energy customers and manufacturers are more likely to embrace […]

6 Tips for Getting a Job in Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Career Looking for a job can be a daunting task, especially when you’re looking to launch your career in renewable energy. Here are some helpful insights to put your best foot forward during your job search.  Get Certified – Getting the appropriate certifications can add up to larger starting pay and rapid promotions.  Get […]

3 Clean Energy Organizations You Should Know

When you join the renewable energy workforce, you become a part of a larger community of people who share your interest in creating cleaner energy sources. Whether you’re pursuing a career in solar energy, or another sector of the renewable energy industry such as energy efficiency, there are several organizations you can get involved with. Here are […]

Top U.S. States for Solar Energy

Renewable energy is a big deal in the United States. In fact, last year more than half of all new power capacity came from clean energy, including solar energy. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, the United States saw best sales in a quarter for residential solar ever!  Aside from big players like California, Arizona, Nevada; Idaho, […]

10 Traits of a Successful Solar Installer

The world of residential solar installation has many different players, including inspectors, property managers, contractors, bankers and government agencies, as well as prospective owners and occupants. But the workhorses of the typical solar photovoltaic project are the people on the ground — the solar design and installation professionals.

How to Become a Professional Energy Auditor

Deciding to become a home energy performance professional is a major move in anyone’s career journey. People enter the field of energy efficiency from various occupations and careers and at various stages of their lives. Everyone has different reasons why they think energy auditing is the correct career choice for them. One question that consistently […]

What the Green Building Industry Can Learn From Motorola

Whether driven by a genuine desire to reduce their environmental footprint, or simply to insulate themselves against rising costs, energy efficiency is becoming a significant organizational goal for many companies around the country. In order to achieve these goals, businesses are looking for direction on how they can have their buildings’ designed and/or operated to […]

5 Most Common Credits for LEED Certification

The decision to apply for LEED Certification is both exciting and daunting for designers and managers. Having your building recognized by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) is a badge of honor in the design and construction industry, but it also means more planning, measuring and upfront costs. What’s more, a simple “LEED Certified” designation no longer […]

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