With the right investment in this growing industry, green training can lead to better jobs, higher wages and increased opportunities. At Ecotech Training, we’ve provided green job training to thousands of individuals across the country and facilitated investment where it matters most – in America’s workforce. We are experienced, driven and focused on supplying people with the training they need to get a job in clean energy.

Ecotech Training has a variety of partnership opportunities for those in the clean energy and/or education industries. Please review the options below. If there is a partnership opportunity that does not fit in any of these categories, please call and a representative will assist you.

Ecotech Training is a privately owned online training course provider.

Corporate Solutions

We provide flexible solutions to ensure your business receives high-quality training

Because every situation is different, we have developed a variety of delivery methods to meet any need. If your business is looking to invest in your employees through training and certification, we will find the solution that best meets your needs.

If you have eight or more employees to train, and you want the best hands-on training, save the time and cost of travel by holding a dedicated live class. We can provide an Ecotech Training instructor to hold an in-person live class just for your employees.

Choose from our acclaimed, ready-made training solutions or get customized trainings to suit organization-specific needs.

Our government relations analysts are experts in grant and incentive programs and can help you pinpoint opportunities available in your area, streamline the application process in a way that capitalizes on your existing resources, and offer you the best chance to get funding for the training your employees need.

Having your crew leave job sites for classroom training can be a difficult challenge for growing companies. Through Ecotech Training’s job site training programs, our instructors can train your staff, clients, or subcontractors during a project and help bring it through to completion.

These services are ideal for companies that need to get new hires trained but can’t afford to take them off the job site. This type of corporate training solution works very well for employers that have multiple facilities and/or job sites without the luxury of time.

Instead of hiring additional full-time staff to deliver training, Ecotech Training will help during the ramp-up period so that your costs become a variable expense. Consider us an extension of your training department.

Are you looking for a course specifically designed for your employees? We can assist you with our vast pool of subject matter experts and course creation capability.

We can develop custom e-learning content, custom courseware for internal training needs and external stakeholders, or in-house training content.

Whether you want your program hosted on your internal LMS or through our system, we can find the right solution for you.

If you want a cost-efficient way to train your employees without having to sacrifice time at work, a custom online learning portal could be a great solution for you. We will create a custom, branded online learning portal for your company that only your employees will be able to access.

You choose your payment plan: Ecotech Training can either invoice your company for all employees who access the classes, or employees can purchase their own classes individually at a discount.

If you have seven or fewer employees to train, you can have them join one of our many online training programs. We offer discounted prices for groups. Fill out the form at the top of this page or call for details.

Find an upcoming open enrolment class near you:

 BPI Building Analyst/Envelope Professional

 BPI Multifamily

 NABCEP Registered PV Associate Exam Provider

 NABCEP Solar PV Installer

 LEED Green Associate

 LEED AP Building Design + Construction

Ecotech Training Guarantee

As part of Ecotech Training’s commitment to excellence, we provide the Ecotech Training Guarantee for all of our courses. This means that we value your satisfaction and user experience.  We provide the highest quality online environmental training through a variety of providers.  Online training course offerings are vetted before consideration and addition to our website.


One of our goals is to work with employers in order to get our students into the workforce quickly. Ecotech Training’s programs help students get the training needed for job readiness. Imagine the ability to work with a staffing agency without having to pay any fees. Our students are looking for a change and have already taken the first step to invest in themselves.

Military Solutions

Ecotech Training is committed to helping the military achieve their energy goals. We have flexible training options for active military and veterans to ensure that the transition to a safer and more resilient energy system for our nation’s military is done both quickly and effectively.

Workforce Development

Unemployed? There are many ways of receiving free or discounted training provided by Ecotech Training. We are here to help throughout the administrative process and will do everything in our power to get you the available funds.

Get started with this easy four-step process:

 Explore our Course Options and decide which one you are most interested in.

 Find your local career center by filling in your zip code or city at the American Job Center’s website.

 Call or visit your local career center and schedule your orientation session. Be sure to write down the name and contact information for your career counselor and career center. They will ask you what courses you’re interested in, so have one in mind when you begin.

 Contact us and an Ecotech Training Representative will contact you to begin the process.


Ecotech Training understands that for workforce investment programs to be successful, the access to high-quality, flexible and timely training is essential. We are focused on providing training courses that translate directly to jobs that are in-demand and rewarding. Our clean energy education courses are designed to provide training to fit a wide range of backgrounds and skill levels.

In addition, we make it easy for incumbent workers and unemployed individuals to access our training through a wide variety of delivery options. For us, it is not enough to simply supply a one-size-fits all approach. We know that every situation is different and we are prepared to work with you to ensure the best results for your specific goals.

Creating a Career Pathway

Ecotech Training is a training and education provider, but we do not stop there. We’ve found that breaking our curriculum into smaller modules that can be combined to culminate in an industry-recognized credential is the most effective way to achieve success. Our aim is to provide high-quality courses that get our students qualified and connected to fulfilling jobs. We look to end the frustration of finding skilled candidates for employers and the frustration of finding jobs for those who are trained and qualified. If you are looking for employment opportunities for candidates trained and certified in energy auditing, solar energy, advanced vehicles or any other clean tech industry, Ecotech Training is here to help.

For more information on how Ecotech Training can help your workforce investment program, please contact us.

Hiring Partners

Ecotech Training partners with employers that know the value of our training courses and look for candidates with the knowledge and skills we provide. See below for a list of our hiring partners.

Check out some of the companies we have developed relationships with that have hired alumni of Ecotech Training:

 Bright Current


 Green Power Solutions

 ABest Energy

Looking to hire?

Finding talented professionals with the right skills and experiences can be a challenge for growing companies of any size. Ecotech Training can help. With our database of over 15,000 alumni trained and certified in energy efficiency, solar, and LEED green building, we can connect to the workers you need when you need them.

As an Ecotech Training partner, you would gain exclusive access to a nationwide talent pool. We train our students with a winning combination of theory, industry knowledge, and hands-on practical experience. Our students have one of the highest certification pass rates in the country (over 80 percent). In addition, we work directly with our partners to identify the skill sets they need, and help connect them with the right students.

To learn more about becoming a partner, contact us.

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