Solar Sales Mastery Course

Ecotech Training’s Solar Sales Mastery course was designed to the standards of excellence put forth by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). This course will provide students with the design and sales needed to become solar professionals, as well as prepare them for a successful career in solar sales and marketing. Review the “Why Take This Course” tab to see if this course is the right fit for you.

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Solar Sales Mastery OnDemand Training Package

$ 1495.00
  • Start your course immediately in our learning management system! This package includes:
  •   32-hour PV Technical Sales online course
  •   18-hour PV Associate online course
  •   40-hour Advanced Solar online course
  •   32 contact hours towards the NABCEP PV Technical Sales exam
  •   NABCEP PV Associate Exam fee and scheduling (NABCEP PV Technical Sales Professional Certification exam fees are not included)

Solar Sales Mastery Live Training Package

$ 1995.00
  • Start your course immediately in our learning management system! This package includes:
  •   32-hour online PV Technical Sales course
  •   18-hour online PV Associate course
  •   40-hour live Advanced Design & Installation course
  •   32 contact hours towards the requirements to sit for the NABCEP PV Technical Sales Professional exam
  •   Solar Mastery workbook
  •   NABCEP PV Associate Exam fee (NABCEP PV Technical Sales Certification exam fees are not included)
  • * This class is eligible for student financing to help spread out the cost of enrollment. Call for more info.

  Employers and customers expect accreditation for their solar sales professionals, and certification is often required for homeowners to qualify for installation incentives and rebates.

  This course provides 16 hours of training.

  This course will provide you with the skills to create and execute solar sales proposal and improve your ability to do a PV solar system estimate and explain all the benefits to the customers

  You can enter this course as an absolute beginner, and you will leave with the advanced knowledge needed to stand out as an experienced and qualified solar design and sales professional.

  You will gain solar sales skills that can immediately be applied to the field

  The solar energy industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the nation

Course Objectives:

  Provide a brief introduction and history of solar energy

  Confidently explain the electrical design of solar systems

  Go in depth into solar theory and design considerations

  Objection handling techniques

  Understand solar mechanical design

  Estimate presentation & calculations provided in Excel

  Understand the economics and incentives behind solar installs


Section 1 Course Outline:

  Section A1: Analyze Electric Bill

 Section A2: Perform Remote Site Assessment

 Section A3: Identify Customer Needs

 Section A4: Perform Ball Park Estimate

 Section A5: Identify Jurisdictional Issues

 Section A6: Manage Customer Expectations

Section 2 Course Outline:

 Section B1: Inspect Electrical Service

 Section B2: Identify Locations for System Components

 Section B3: Assess Mounting Location

 Section B4: Perform Shade Analysis

Section 3 Course Outline:

 Section C1: Select Appropriate Equipment

 Section C2: Determine Equipment Location

 Section C3: Plan System Layout

 Section C4: Perform String Sizing

 Section C5: Determine Breaker Size or Supply Side Connection

Day 4 Course Outline:

 Section C6: Determine Mounting Method and Tilt Angle

 Section D1: Explain Types of Incentives and Net Cost

 Section D2: Explain Types of Utility Rates and Net Electric Bill Savings

 Section E1: Calculate Financial Analysis

Section 5 Course Outline:

 Section E2: Evaluate Appropriate Financing Options

 Section F1: Calculate/Quantify Environmental Benefits Proportional to Estimated Production

 Section F2: Describe Non-Financial Non-Environmental Benefits

 Section G1: Calculate Production

 Section G2: Identify Factors That Degrade System Performance Over Time

 Section H1: Create Minimum Acceptable Proposal

 Section H2: Include Additional Elements as Applicable and/or Appropriate

  16-hour online PV Sales Professional course

Why Get Certified by NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners)?

The NABCEP PV Technical Sales Professional Certification is a higher level certification that shows you have a significant level of experience, as well as in-depth knowledge and training in solar system technical sales. This is not required when looking for employment, but is often looked for when becoming a project leader on solar proposals.

I completed the PV system mechanical design module the other day. Then the next morning our solar installation company Positive Energy NY headed off to do a residential roof mount in Schenectady and I felt on top of my game because all the racking was fresh in my mind and it definitely showed. We used a Unirac rail system and I knew the ins and outs of how it all fit together; the install went very smoothly.


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