Solar Sales Professional 203 Training

This course was developed by solar salespeople to teach those wanting to enter a solar sales and marketing career. Learning important system details and operating specifications will give you the advantage over other solar distributors.  In combination with relevant sales and marketing techniques, our goal is to help you build the skills for sucess. 

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How to Get Started

We recommend taking our PV101 course before starting this intermediate level course!
$599 - Online Access
  • 1. Initiate Your Training - Whenever you need to be sure of something, usually Google or YouTube answers queries. Our courses work in the same manner. But the biggest difference in our program lies in the experience and credibility of the mentors you would have to learn from. Think of it as an extraordinary experience in which you can put your complete faith in.
  • 2. Read through learning modules - We including a selection of documents and resources to assist with concept development and reinforce topics. Science proves that to efficiently learn something, you would have to go through a lot of practicing. Developed on this research, our online courses help you tremendously in reinforcing all the course concepts you would learn in order to get an amazing experience.
  • 3. Pass the Post-Course Assessment -You would have to pass the post-course assessment test at the end of the program. If you pass, you would be graduated with flying colors and having a certificate of completion in your hands.

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This class features 16 hours of completely online training. Course takers should complete modules in the order that they appear to get the most out of it.

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Having mastered the knowledge of solar energy principles, you are now ready to learn about sales of solar systems. This is a course that allows you to dig deeper into the knowledge of sales and marketing techniques. After this course you would aptly be able to connect your potential client with the appropriate solar PV system..

  • Financial, Solar, and Environmental Reasons to “Go Solar”
  • Customer Motivations & Qualifications
  • Solar Site Evaluation
  • Client Energy Analysis
  • Tax Incentives, Solar Renewable Energy Credits, and Grants
  • Net Metering
  • Return on Investment
  • Common Customer Questions
  • Solar Business Considerations
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  • 16 Hours of Online Solar Energy Training
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  • Certificate of Completion

Each client trusts only that business which knows what it is doing and is qualified. And to do that, you should be an expert on solar PV sale based on realistic variables that this course will teach.

If you have a business of selling solar products to your clientele base, why not cut the costs and scale your business by giving services of installation to your permanent clients? Being a one-stop-shop for your customers would greatly increase your business as well as clientele base.

Who is this class intended for?

This solar training course is intended for tradespeople or those who are currently working in, or seeking employment in, the renewable energy industry. Anyone who wants to further their knowledge of solar PV sales or those with building, engineering, electrical or managerial skills and are looking to further their learning or start a career as a solar salesperson.

Are there prerequisites for this course?

We recommend completion of our Solar PV Associate 101 Training


Will I be NABCEP certified with this training?

A certificate will be provided by our partner, Everblue Training.  This would not qualify you to list yourself as a NABCEP certified solar sales person as it is not currently offered.

Is this course available to international candidates?

Yes! Because the training is online (self-paced), it is accessible from anywhere with a secure Internet connection.

I completed the PV system mechanical design module the other day. Then the next morning our solar installation company Positive Energy NY headed off to do a residential roof mount in Schenectady and I felt on top of my game because all the racking was fresh in my mind and it definitely showed. We used a Unirac rail system and I knew the ins and outs of how it all fit together; the install went very smoothly.

The Solar Revolution Ebook

Solar PV Associate Live

Training Course
$ 1295.00
  •  18 hours of live classroom and hands-on solar installation training for your group or business
  •  Includes the NABCEP PV Associate Exam fee.
  •  Contact Hours: 18
  • * This class is eligible for student financing to help spread out the cost of enrollment. Call for more info.

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